Genre dilemma


This little cartoon says so much about my imagination problems. I remember during a weird conversation at work I made the comment that I cannot create a romantic fantasy.  My obsessiveness for details won’t let me. I went on to explain that if I tried to create a romantic rendezvous with my husband, I wouldn’t get past the door because I would spend so much time worrying about where would we go, how would we get there? If it is a surprise would we take 2 separate cars are one of us get there somehow else so we could ride home together. What would be the pretext to get us there? Would we eat dinner first? Who would be watching our dogs? And so it would continue until it would become no longer worth the effort to figure out the details…. And so is the crux of my writing. Which genre should I write about? Mysteries, murder mysteries because I have training and experience in such matters – but do I want to go back deep into the abyss of the awful horror which I have buried in my head from what I have seen and done as I gained said experience? What about human interest stories – I have encountered so many different people and so many stories but then who, what and why – and would I have to pay them, would they do it for a lunch or dinner, how would I find these people…. When my kids were younger I was always telling people about the things my kids would say and do and of course I always did so with a very dramatic flair. So many people told me I should write a book about my experiences in parenting – especially since I could easy write a chapter about vomit…. My younger daughter could hit the back of my head with projectile vomit from her car-seat behind me. Thanks to the generically passed curse of Migraines my kids have thrown up in many a public place. And then there is the time I lost a nursing pad in the mall and didn’t know it, until we looped around and I said look – someone lost a nursing pad – how gross – hahahahahahaha and THEN REALIZED I WAS MISSING ONE…. Yeah not so funny then… but it sure is now!! So you can see I have so many ideas and genres I could pursue but can’t make up my mind and so for now I ramble on in my blogs and try to be educational on my website. I do miss talking at the schools.  I would do career day for a couple of jr high schools every year and also a science class and random high school classes as requested. It gave me an opportunity to tell them what it is really like and answer their questions.  Well, even us crazy detail obsessing people need to sleep sometime…. I should mosey along for now….. good night



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