Inspiring Adventure


Recently the hubby and took a trip to Idaho. We are close to retirement and thinking of moving to somewhere cooler and a bit more laid back from the hurries from life. We traveled quite a bit of the western side of the state, starting up north, then down to Boise to visit family then drove to McCall for the weekend. Such a beautiful drive. I felt peace there, everywhere we went, peace I rarely feel here.  Part of our drive was along the Payette river, and through some beautiful plains as well as some lakes.


A very interesting thing happened… a while back I had a “scene” come to me about a cemetery on a country road. It’s been over a year since I wrote that piece, just one scene. As we were driving from one property to view another, we drove past a cemetery that was almost exactly what I had envisioned when I had written that scene over a year ago.  I yelled stop to my husband who was driving, so I could get out and take a few pics.  I took a few pics then sent them to my daughter and friend, who both said it was quite interesting to happen like that. My daughter called it a “sign” that I needed to go back and write more with that scene.


The peace I felt while on our little adventure inspired not only the writer in me but the photographer as well – as I hope you see from these few pics!



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