Having an artist date…

IMG_6715 (2)

My view from my hotel room desk as I work…. Because in “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron she says you need to feed your artist and “artist dates” are a great way to do it.  I highly recommend this book to any artist of any medium.

julia 4

So….. I realize have been away from my website and blog for quite a while – we have been renovating and getting ready to sell… The stress has been over the top!!  When my husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day – which later became my birthday gift – I said I want to go on a mini artist retreat.  My bestie, (who draws and paints), and I have come to the beach. Well actually a marina with a tiny stretch of beach.  We have rooms with water view balconies so we can work with the sound and smell of the water close by, and have walked around the marina a bit. Later I hope to work on one of the benches at the water but for now it is easier here at the desk in the room. This reminds me of when we had our boat, and I know that is what I wrote about last time so I won’t dwell on that…. But it does!

Oh and about the bestie, I have asked her to create a piece for my artist retreat I will have when we move.  I want it all about creativity! I am also working on buying a commission piece from artist Jen Ramos http://www.MadeByGirl.com who is just a sweet lady I follow on instagram.

For a long time, I have wanted to be able to write near the water.  There is something so soothing to me about water.  I have spent many a time READING by the water but never writing – so now I am – I am doing it. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is another step in mentally overcoming my physical disability.  I worked very hard to get into forensics. I spent many years studying not to prepare but because I was so interested in it and had NO idea I could ever actually get into the field as an actual employee! Then to have my dream job be what messed up my back and having to medically retire I was so sad.  My body couldn’t take it anymore but my mind was ok.  I felt like I had been shorted.  Several friends told me I should write horror books because after all I had plenty of experience and knowledge about death and a sense of humor that makes people wonder if Stephen King and I are related or something.  You know, that dark and twisty part of my brain.  The question being was that always there or did the job put it there.  I have always been quirky but I have never, nor will I ever abuse an animal. I probably stole a few cats bringing them home as “strays” I found in the neighborhood. So, I don’t think I have the mind of a sociopath but I think I could fake it on paper if needed. I am just not ready to look into that dark corner.  I have many ideas about what I might write after we move and get settled.  But more on that later…. The fresh sea air has my mind swirling with so many ideas right now!

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