When I think about leaving our current house and moving I have several things that I hope for and dream of having… I want to live where I can sit outside and instead of hearing cars or the neighbors, I want to hear the wind blowing through the trees; I want to hear birds and other resident creatures scattering about – doing what they do, making the sounds they make… such as squirrels chattering, and birds calling to each other. I want my dogs to have lots of room to run and run, where I can throw their Frisbee and not have to worry that it will go over the fence. I want them to be safe and happy.


I want a house that is comfortable and welcoming. A place with room for friends and family to gather and visit. A house that feels like home when we return from somewhere. I want to sit on the porch with the love of my life and breath the fresh air with scent of our trees and enjoy the rest of our lives together. We have talked and dreamed of growing old together since we were young teenagers in love and we are now, we are retired and definitely getting old, but we would love to find a small peaceful and beautiful place to finish growing old together.



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